we all get stuck sometimes


As a licensed psychologist of over 20+ years, I know the challenges of feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure how to best support your clients at times. I am an experienced and relational consultant who is committed to understanding how you work, and the specific challenges that you are facing, so that you are enabled in progressing with your clients and growing in your therapeutic practice.

I have provided clinical supervision (for unlicensed clinicians) and consultation (for licensed clinicians) throughout my career in private practice, university counseling, residential, and community mental health settings. As a long-standing University Counseling Center Director of Training, I remain immersed in evidence-based relational and experiential therapies and consultative practices.

we are in it together

I firmly believe that good consultative relationships are rooted in trust, respect, and honoring of your expertise and style. Most clinicians will choose to engage in 3-6 confidential, on-line consultative sessions, beginning with an initial, free 20 minute “goodness of fit” discussion.

The best fit

Successful consultation relationships are based on goodness of fit. Unlike psychotherapy relationships, there is an additional layer to the consultative relationship. During our initial free discussion, we will talk about how you practice as well as discuss non-identifiable information about your client’s issues and therapeutic needs. I work best with psychotherapists coming from insight-oriented and experiential frameworks, even if skills-based approaches are blended into the therapy.

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