I believe that authentic and lasting growth comes from small and incremental changes over time. If you do too, join me each morning with On Change, tips for keeping your mind and brain at peak, each and every day.

Designed for busy entrepreneurs, executives and professionals, On Change gives 1-2 minute Alexa enabled audio posts each weekday morning on topics that result in meaningful change without robbing you of precious time. Topics to better your personal life include improving sleep, mindfulness, reducing stress and anxiety, happiness, improving relationships, bettering physical well-being, psychotherapy and more. Areas of professional interest include work-life blend, creating better teams, when to quit a job, coping with cultural isolation in the workplace, and many more areas to help you become your ‘self at best’.

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Nerd out with me - science about social change on MLK day

Why Civil Resistance Works - Stephan and Chenoweth 

Washington Post - Peaceful protest is much more effective than violence for toppling dictators 

Nerd out with me - science about sleep and restfulness

Here is a really good Gallup survey about sleep in the U.S:


This is an amazing overview article about the function of different brain waves:


And from Dr. Stephanie Silberman, my former associate at The Center for Personal Growth, a spectacular and highly credentialed psychologist, and author of the best sleep workbook available:


Nerd out with me - science about Resolutions and successive approximations

Successive Approximation: Steps toward Behavior Change - Darcy Nolan

Harvard Business Review - Make your Resolutions Stick - Rebecca Knight

Nerd out with me - science about Stress

The Cleveland Clinic on Stress

Psychology Today - The Perfect Trap