clinical consultation for ProviDers

You are a licensed mental health provider and are feeling confused, uncertain or anxious about how to best help your client. You have thought about it for days, and read what you could. There are many reasons to talk to a consultant for additional support. You may have talked to a colleague and found it less helpful than you hoped, or practice independently and are unsure who to go to. Maybe you are not comfortable discussing it with a colleague or professional friend due to the sensitivity of the situation, or not wanting to out yourself as struggling within your workplace. You may be an online psychotherapist who wants to make sure that all of your ethical i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, or that you are being as therapeutic as possible with this newer clinical format.

I have helped licensed clinicians for over twenty years to find their way through challenging clinical and ethical situations, placing the therapeutic relationship at the forefront of the process. I have specific doctoral coursework and three years of formal training in clinical supervision and administration. My consequent experience includes leading nationally recognized mental health agencies in inpatient, private practice and university counseling center settings, as well as administering graduate training programs with several hours weekly of clinical supervision, advanced seminar development and teaching.

I welcome talking with you about your current clinical or ethical challenges, and would be glad to consult with you for a 20 minute, free and confidential phone call or video chat to see if consultation with me is a good fit. Contact me here.